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Tron sequel buzz was inevitable, but so far ahead of the first film’s release? There’s already been extensive marketing efforts including the WonderCon event, the day-long viral game, trailers, photos and more, so establishing plans for post-Tron: Legacy movies so far in advanced seem fitting.

According to THR, Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have begun developing the script for a what will be the third Tron movie. It’s no surprise that details are being kept on the hush hush. Rather than creating a straightforward sequel, this could be an entirely new story set in the Tron universe. There’s also the chance that the next Tron is being developed as part of a trilogy.

Joseph Kosinski and the main cast have yet to receive offers to return, but I’d imagine if the suits like what Kitsis and Horowitz produce, arrangements will be made for them as well, especially considering their original contracts contain options for sequels. Of course, Tron: Legacy’s performance at the box office in December will have a heavy impact on the effort, but, odds are, the haul will do more than justify Tron 3l, it’ll rationalize supposed plans for a trilogy.

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