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Here’s a great example of one of the big problems with Hollywood’s practice of doling out movie advertising as a method of corporate back scratching through guaranteed exclusives. Earlier this week here MTV was given the exclusive rights to debut a new Tron: Legacy image, in this case our first look at a wickedly cool, yellow lightcycle. Because they’re MTV, they scaled the image down to fit on their page and slapped their intrusive watermark on it. It looked good, but had Disney simply released it as a high-res still for any blogger to pick up and share it with you, then you’d have seen it like this instead.

That link takes you to the high-res version of the image which was just released to everyone and we’re now able to bring to you as it was intended to be seen… in big, beautiful, glowing yellow. Click the image below to see it in proper full size high-resolution. Sweet.

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