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True Blood's Michael Raymond-James Joins Tom Cruise In One Shot

Since the cancellation of FX’s excellent but short-lived detective series Terriers, I’ve been hoping to see some other TV show find a place for Michael Raymond-James. Unfortunately, with the exception of an episode of Law & Order: SVU, and a fantastic reappearance on True Blood, that hasn’t really happened. But fans of the actor will get an even bigger dose of his talent as he’s set to appear on the big screen with a role in One Shot.

Set to be directed by Christopher McQuarrie, One Shot is based on a 2005 Lee Child novel. Tom Cruise is set to play the story’s lead character Jack Reacher. According to the Hollywood Reporter, One Shot follows Reacher, who is an ex-army cop who gets involved in a mystery surrounding a sniper who was arrested for allegedly killing five people in a shooting. Raymond-James’ character is described as a “lifelong criminal who is hired by villain The Zec (played by Werner Herzog) for a sensitive assignment.”

Playing a bad-guy, or at the very least, someone with a shady past shouldn’t be difficult for Raymond-James. His character in One Shot shares this trait with Terriers’ Britt Pollack, who was a thief before joining up with Donal Logue’s character Hank to be a private detective. And those who have watched True Blood know how things went for his character Rene. The series brought Rene back last season for one brief but fantastic appearance (that reminded me of how much I loved his fake-cajun accent). Hopefully this part on One Shot is just the first of many roles for the actor, who’s overdue for his next great part.

One Shot begins filming in Pittsburgh this month.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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