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As much as a brainy psychological drama can sway my emotions and stick in my brain’s craw for months or years afterward, I’m rarely happier than when I’m watching a comedy with humor blacker than crude oil. And while a lot of directors have been successful blending laughs and squirms, too many do it properly once and then never return.

To finally get to my point: I have faith writer/director Eli Craig might be one of these guys that could possibly make a career out of black comedies, despite having only directed one feature, two TV episodes and a short film. The Hollywood Reporter identifies Craig’s next film as a dark comedy called Little Evil, which he’d direct for Universal and Scott Stuber’s Bluegrass FIlms. THR reports the deal went for seven figures, so that’s quite a bit of confidence on Universal’s part.

The plot of Little Evil is being kept secret for now, but it’s worth noting that Craig wrote the screenplay himself, which will no doubt add to the final product. He also wrote his awesome debut short film The Tao of Pong, as well as 2010 rollicking horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which was like the little cousin of Cabin in the Woods when it comes to spinning genre expectations. Besides an episode of Brothers and Sisters, Craig also helmed Amazon Instant’s lazily-written pilot for Zombieland, and his direction outshined the lame duck jokes and performances.

So let’s hope that a Little Evil does a lot of good should it come into existence. Craig was also attached to direct Your Bridemaid’s a Bitch last year but nothing seems to have become of that. Check out The Tao of Pong below if you’ve never seen it, because your day isn’t complete without Jake Busey in it.

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