As evidenced by the panty-throwing reaction of fans at Twilight’s Comic Con panel, it’s pretty obvious that the American female’s lust for sexy, romantic vampires is totally out of control. It’s so out of control, they’ll go see this movie in droves, even though it looks pretty damn awful. Heck, even a lot of Twilight fans admit it looks awful, but they’re still out there ripping their shirts off and treating the actors like members of Motley Crue. Humans. We’re a really weird bunch. But then I guess it's womankind's turn. Men have been engaging in this sort of behavior, usually over large bosoms, for decades.

So ladies, here’s something that should get you all hot and bothered for no particular reason. New character posters from Twilight. They come from a site called Edward and Bella, where they have three of them. I’ve only posted smaller versions of two below, because I’m not a thief, not because I want to make your life harder:

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