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Creative partners Victor Teran and Youssef Delara of Cima Productions have been actively promoting their latest collaboration, the Hip Hop-driven drama Filly Brown at Sundance this year. The film, which centers on a young, Latina rapper's conflict-ridden rise to fame, is lead by newcomer Gina Rodriguez, and features appearances from Lou Diamond Phillips and Edward James Olmos. While the jury's still out on the drama's Sundance success, Teran and Delara are eagerly sharing news on their next effort, a psychological thriller titled Snap.

Like Filly Brown, Snap focuses on an undiscovered musician, in this case a shy-but-brilliant dubstepper. Jake Hoffman, the lead of the 2009 Shakespeare-inspired horror-comedy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead, is set star as this troubled genius, while Twilight's Nikki Reed has signed on to play a social worker who is the object of his affections. Lured in by his mesmerizing musical skills, she follows him into the underground dubstep scene, but before long his personal demons become too much for her to handle. Set in a world of high-energy and relentless beats, this affair is doomed to end with disturbing results.

This pulse-pounding thriller will mark the directorial feature debut of Teran. The Filly Brown producer wrote the script for Snap, and will co-helm alongside Filly Brown's writer and co-director Delara. Speaking to Deadline, Delara expressed his enthusiasm over Snap's cast, cheering:
"We’re extremely blessed that, after our amazing experience with Gina Rodriguez on Filly, we get to continue working with more brilliant young actors like Jake and Nikki."

The film could prove a breakthrough for each performer, as Teran and Delara have admitted their hopes of Snap making Sundance's 2013 line-up. In the meantime, Hoffman will be seen on the January 29th episode of Californication in a supporting role, and Reed will reprise her role as Rosalie Hale in the final installment of the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which will hit theaters in November.

Production on Snap is slated to kick off March 26th.