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Animated films that rely on star power tend to boast the most random casts imaginable, and The Lorax is living up to that reputation admirably. The production from Universal's Illumination Entertainment (the people behind Despicable Me) already has Danny De Vito on board to voice the title character, the creature who "speaks for the trees" in the classic Dr. Seuss book. Could you possibly even guess who will be joining him? Yeah, I know you can't. Universal tells us he cast is already rounded out by Zac Efron, Ed Helms, Rob Riggle and Betty White, and now Taylor Swift has signed on to join the madness.

In a perfect storm of tween sensations who are maybe a little past their high point, Swift and Efron will be playing each others love interests, Efron the "idealistic young boy who searches for the Lorax" and Swift "the girl of his dreams." My favorite casting detail of all is that Helms will be voicing the Once-ler, the mercenary character who in the book is responsible for the massive amount of environmental destruction. I know it's not like Helms is getting to stretch out and play a hardcore villain, but he'll at least be able to translate the vocal parts of his affable appeal into something new.

The Lorax is set for release about a year from now, on March 2, which makes me wonder if they had someone else providing the voice for Swift's character before bringing her in.

UPDATE! Here's a first look at Taylor Swift's character, Audrey, in the film:

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