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This sort of this has happened a few times in the past year, where unfinished literary pieces get snatched up by big production companies based solely on their pitch. Robocalypse and I am Number Four both were picked up before their pen and paper counterparts were even finished, and now getting the same treatment is the graphic novel Final Orbit, so young it’s barely into the sketch phase.

Production Weekly has announced via their Twitter that John Moore, whose spotty resume inspires almost no confidence, will be directing under the steady arm of Gale Anne Hurd. Hurd has been the guiding light on films such as the Terminator series, Aliens, and The Abyss among many, many others. With her help Final Orbit has a fighting chance, despite the presence of the Max Payne director behind the lens.

Newcomers Phil de Blassi and Byron Willinger will be adapting the graphic novel, presumably once it’s finished given that adapting an incomplete work could be disastrous-- although, I wouldn’t put that past 21st century Hollywood. More on this as casting and location gets hammered down. Here’s the official synopsis of the novel:

Final Orbit tells the story of some lottery winners who are vacationing on the International Space Station but when it is damaged, the vacation becomes a nightmare, trapping the tourists alone in a crippled module with no astronauts to help them.”

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