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I really have no idea whether Jennifer's Body will be any good or not, but I'm still utterly excited about it, just because it looks like something so different. Even Megan Fox, who has seemed as dull onscreen as she is wacky in the press, seems willing to let her freak flag fly for this one, and Amanda Seyfried, scrubbed so clean in Mamma Mia!, is getting down in the muck as well.

For one more argument about why this movie is at least worth a shot, ET Online has posted a four-minute behind-the-scenes featurette on the film, which you can view below. There's some new footage from the movie, some interviews with Fox and Seyfriend and Diablo Cody, and a girl-on-kiss. Yeah, you probably only care about that last part. Whatever your reasons, check out the clip below.

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