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Vin Diesel Confirms Kurt Russell Is In Fast & Furious 7

kurt russell fast and furious 7

You gotta love how in the world has now come to lay down at Vin Diesel’s feet when it comes to getting news about the movies he’s attached to. He’s the one that tease-bombed the world about his involvement with Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, and he’s the one giving the world their first confirmed look (via Facebook) at all-around badass Kurt Russell in James Wan’s Fast & Furious 7. At a sequel number when most films have already given up and hung their hat out to catch rain, the F&F series has landed its most exciting addition since Dwayne Johnson.

While Russell was in talks to join the movie at the end of August, nobody said much one way or another after the fact. But like a champ, Diesel knows how rude it is to keep knowledge-hungry franchise fans in the dark on such important matters. So what is this a picture of, exactly?

Diesel and Russell are standing in a car garage with Paul Walker, and everyone is dressed up and looking pretty glum. Could they have just come from a funeral, perhaps? (No spoilers.) It’s frustrating that neither director James Wan nor anyone at Universal are saying who Russell will be playing.

An unofficial Twitter account for the film said that Russell would be playing the father of Jesse, Chad Lindberg’s character in the first film, and that he would be "Toretto’s villain." But they also said that Russell probably wasn’t going to be in this installment, so that information is barely even a rumor. Unless it was a secret identity, why would he be hanging around with Dom and Brian like this? The thoughts and theories could go in circles, biting their own tails. Like a snake…Plissken.

I really hope that this well-dressed first impression is nothing like Russell looks for the rest of the film. I truly want him to wear a suit made out of chainmail or knives or something. I know these movies aren’t so far out as The Expendables when it comes to ratcheting up the cheesiness, but it’s getting there, and I think Wan is the guy to blow the ceiling off. He recently posted a set photo on Twitter showing off the massive size of one of the areas they’re working in. (It’s only a quarter of the set.)

ff7 set

It might just barely be big enough to hold all of Kurt Russell’s awesome hair. Now I’m going to have Snake Plissken lines running, er, driving fast and furiously through my head all day.

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