Ving Rhames, Paul Scheer And Christopher Lloyd All Back For Piranha 3DD

Those that left the theater last summer after watching Piranha 3D were left with a mystery: what exactly happened to the zinc-oxide-wearing softcore ponographer Andrew 'Drew' Cunningham, played by Paul Scheer? While Scheer himself took to his website to offer up a few funny suggestions in regard to what happened, the truth is that that scene that determined his fate was left on the cutting room floor. Today we learn that he did, in fact, survive.

Dimension has sent out a press release announcing that Scheer and fellow first movie alumni Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames have all joined the cast of Piranha 3DD, which went into production. The three men join a cast of newbies to the franchise, including Gary Busey, Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, David Koechner, Meagan Tandy, Paul James Jordan, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Hector Jimenez, Adrian Martinez, and Clu Gulager. The film is being directed by John Gulager and this time around will be set in a waterpark, instead of on Spring Break.

There's just one little bit of strangeness about this article: didn't Ving Rhames die? Apparently not.

Eric Eisenberg
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