Wait, Is An Iron Giant Sequel Actually Happening? Here's What Vin Diesel Says

Although it did not make much of an impression at the box office, 1999’s tearjerker The Iron Giant has developed a strong cult following in the sixteen years since its release. Now, The Iron Giant himself, Vin Diesel, has some encouraging words for the fans that have long clamored for a sequel.

On his Facebook page, Vin Diesel recently posted a trailer for the upcoming release The Iron Giant Signature Edition. In the caption, he explains that the enormous alien robot remains one of his favorite roles he has ever undertaken, and that we should not be surprised if we see Warner Bros. decide to announce a follow up to Brad Bird's sentimental classic in the near future.

I have been very lucky to have played so many interesting characters... one of the first and one of my favorites is... the Iron Giant.P.s. Don't be surprised when you hear WB announce the sequel.Posted by Vin Diesel on Friday, August 28, 2015

It’s difficult to make what the star means by that statement. While it could be an indication that Warner Bros. already has plans in the works for a potential sequel, it could also simply mean that Diesel believes the upcoming rerelease will perform well enough to get those sorts of plans in motion. Either way, Diesel clearly has a passion for the project, and his vocal commitment to a sequel could go a long way towards making another Iron Giant film a distinct possibility.

Although it has been almost two decades since the release of The Iron Giant, it most certainly remains relevant enough to warrant a sequel. The original film takes place in the height of the Cold War America, centering on the adventures of a young lonely boy named Hogarth after he finds the mysterious Iron Giant in the woods near his house. The two loners develop a friendship, and Hogarth begins to find happiness, until the government comes in to investigate the Giant. The film carries with it some overt dissent towards war, gun violence, and the threat of nuclear proliferation; a sequel could see the Giant return to Hogarth, or just as easily bring him to Earth decades later, for a more contemporary take on these matters.

The Iron Giant Signature Edition will experience a limited theatrical release across the country, showing on September 30 and October 4.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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