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Wasikowska Replaces Seyfried In Cross-Dressing Movie

A year ago, Amanda Seyfried was Hollywood’s new it girl. Now, that title arguably belongs to Mia Wasikowska, as does a key role in the upcoming Albert Nobbs adaptation originally earmarked for Seyfried. Whether this is in fact an upgrade, a response to Wasikowska’s blooming starpower or simply a scheduling conflict is anyone’s guess, but the new Glenn Close cross-dressing vehicle is moving forward with Wonderland’s Alice on board.

According to Bleeding Cool, the specific role in question is that of Helen, though as I’m largely unfamiliar with the play based on a George Moore story, I can’t really give you any further details. Speculated about for what feels like years now, The Singular Life Of Albert Nobbs isn’t new to casting changes. Orlando Bloom and Jonathan Rhys Meyers were both previously involved, but they’re out, at least for now.

The film is set in Ireland in the 19th century and will follow Glenn Close’s character as she disguises herself as a man. It’s the sort of film that will likely need Oscar nominations to reach a wide audience, but at least at this point, there’s no reason to suspect they won’t come.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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