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Much as the trailers seem to be positioning Twilight: Eclipse as a more action-oriented take on the story of a vampire, emo girl, werewolf boy love triangle, this is still Twilight. Fans afraid it’ll get away from the longing glances and extended makeout sessions they show up looking for probably have nothing to worry about, and we have nine clips which confirm it.

While you will see a somewhat badly filmed chase sequence in which vampires bounce of trees like ping-pong balls in the clips below, most of these clips boil down to one thing: Helpless Bella bouncing back and forth between two alpha males, who hate each other. The longer Bella takes to make up her mind, the harder Edward and Jacob try to make it up for her. Jacob does it by refusing to wear a shirt, Edward does it by brooding. You use what you’ve got.

Check out nine clips from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse below. Expect it in theaters in just a couple of weeks, on June 30th.

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