Watch Anna Kendrick Act Out The History Of Sports Movies In 7 Minutes

Yesterday was a big day in America’s long history of watching other people compete in athletic contests. The only problem with actual sports is that sometimes the wrong team wins. We much prefer our sports in movies, where you can be virtually guaranteed that the right team will win almost every time. Another big fan of sports movies is talk show host James Corden who got some help from Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, and Adam Devine as he ran through as many great sports movie scenes as possible as fast as they possibly could. Check it out.

In the post-Super Bowl episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host got some help from most of the cast of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (apparently Aubrey Plaza was busy) for his seven-minute run through of everything from The Bad News Bears to the Rocky movies. Highlights include Zac Efron getting confused and doing a brief High School Musical bit when they’re supposed to be covering the classic Hoosiers and Anna Kendrick doing our favorite impression of Sandra Bullock from The Blind Side ever. Low points include the whitest Remember the Titans homage ever, followed by Efron’s valiant attempt, but eventual failure, at a decent Al Pacino impression from Any Given Sunday. The best part of the entire thing may be near the end when James Corden has to swallow a raw egg, a la Rocky. You can tell he doesn't want to do it, and once he does you can tell he's about to run off screen to go spit it out someplace.

We also can’t help but feel there were some serious missed opportunities here. Adam Devine telling Anna Kendrick that there’s no crying in baseball could have been excellent. The montage also completely lacked any golf or hockey references. No Emilio Estevez "Are we Ducks or what?" moment. Nothing from Caddyshack. We would have loved to have seen these hilarious actors go after some of these great moments. Instead we got Space Jam. We’re still trying to decide if that one was hilarious or terrifying.

The three guests used the opportunity to begin the promotion of their new film together, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. The movie had it’s trailer premiere as part of the Late Late Show, we assume because a Super Bowl spot would have cost the entire film’s marketing budget in one shot. While nothing about the film is sports related, unless bocce ball counts, the three actors do appear to have some chemistry here which should bode well for the new movie.

Was your favorite sports movie moment included here or did they leave it out? Let us know which sports movie is your favorite.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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