Watch Chris Pratt Name His Raptors In New Jurassic World Clip

After a couple of mediocre at best sequels it was possible that we might never visit Jurassic Park again, but here we are. This time however, we get to cheer for at least some of those dinosaurs. The newest TV spot for Jurassic World has hit and we have begun to see just what kind of relationship Chris Pratt will have with his raptors. It turns out they have names. Meet Charlie, Echo, and Blue:

In the latest TV spot via Movie Madness Trailers, it appears that there are more than 3 raptors in Pratt’s crew, so we may be missing a couple names. Either that or there are some raptors who are the dinosaur equivalent of extras.

Blue is the beta animal as Owen Grady (portrayed by Chris Pratt) apparently views himself as the pack alpha. That could just be a good one-liner but based on what we’ve seen in other footage of the way Grady interacts with the raptors, it may also be true. Pratt’s Grady appears to be part of the pack, not necessarily the head of it. Will Pratt need to "think like a dinosaur" in order to work with the raptors to protect the island?

There’s only one potential downside to naming the raptors. If they have names people might get attached to them. If people get attached then they may feel really badly if something terrible were to happen to them. Are we being set up to care for the raptors so we’ll have our hearts ripped out when one/some/all of them die? Better not...

Jurassic Park movies are always heavy on the running and hiding, and Jurassic World looks no different. However, in this promo it sounds like we’re going to get a much more offensive reaction from the humans. "If we do this, we do this my way" certainly sounds like Chris Pratt and his velociraptor family are going to be taking the fight to the genetic hybrid dinosaurs.

If Chris Pratt’s character really is the pack alpha will we see him hunting like a raptor? One dinosaur distracts the enemy while another, and Chris Pratt on a motorcycle, close in from either side? This movie is going to be so ridiculous it just might work.

But seriously people, Starlord and his crew of trained attack Velociraptors! How can this not be fun? Jurassic World hits theaters June 12.

Dirk Libbey
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