Watch Every Keanu Reeves Kill In This Lethal John Wick Montage

Exactly how many people does Keanu Reeves kill in John Wick? You might have been doing the math in your head while enjoying the airtight vengeance thriller. And now there’s a helpful video guide to walk you through each extermination. Give this clip -- which obviously contains all sorts of spoilers for the movie John Wick -- a whirl:

There’s your answer. There are 76 kills in John Wick, according to this video. The first is a head shot that occurs at the 58-second mark on this reel, and it comes right after John (Keanu Reeves) taps into that amazing, hidden safe of weaponry that he buried under feet on concrete. Within seconds, the Kill Count inches up to four, and John Wick – both the character and the movie – really don’t look back after that.

The stylish violence and unapologetic attitude has helped make John Wick a cult favorite. Released last October, the movie banked an impressive $78 million worldwide, off of a reported $20 million production budget. That’s a hit. So much so that Keanu Reeves regularly gets asked if there can be a John Wick 2.

Well, here’s the good news. In a recent interview, John Wick co-directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch told that they are "in development right now" on a sequel, and that the most important component of a second John Wick would be developing the right motivation for the character. Because obviously, coming up with sick action set pieces isn’t too much of a challenge for these two stunt coordinators. I mean, just watch this incredible fight sequence in the neon-drenched nightclub filled to the brim with bad dudes.

Keanu Reeves has reinvented the action genre before. When he joined the Wachowski siblings on the first Matrix movie, Reeves was helping to push the envelope on action-fight choreography, and countless filmmakers chased what Reeves and his collaborators did for the better part of a decade.

The problem came when Reeves also tried to replicate the formula for a sequel. It didn’t work. So, as cool as John Wick was, I’m not sure that we need to spend more time in that world, just to rake in some more cash. Now, a movie based on The Continental Hotel? That, we can get behind.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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