Which do you think is more unbelievable: Jennifer Lopez is so unsuccessful in finding a man that she decides to get artificially-inseminated or that the love of her life ends up being some dude she randomly meets in a cab the same exact day as her turkey basting session? I’m going with the former. Even if she hadn’t done away with the “can’t find a man” idea already by dating three-quarters of Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez just doesn’t strike me as the kind of gal sitting home on a Saturday night because the dating/ relationship pool has gone totally dry. But apparently, in The Back-up Plan, this is exactly what has happened.

The Back-Up Plan looks cute enough (or at least Lopez looks cute enough) to get by on some built-in “look at our crazy relationship” laughs. And the premise, while a bit far-fetched, could probably work considering just the shear amount of material they’ve placed just in this little trailer. But I find it hard to believe audiences will be sitting around connecting with Lopez when she actually gets two of her dreams fulfilled at almost, but not quite, the same time.

Take a walk through the making and sheer unbelievability of the whole premise in the new, Back-Up Plan featurette below:

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