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Watch Magneto Get His Classic Red Costume In New X-Men: Apocalypse Footage

Apocalypse is getting ready to unleash his Four Horsemen upon the world. In order for them to be effective, however, they must be properly outfitted. A new spot highlighting the horsemen looks to give us Magneto in a form that we’ve never actually seen him before, looking much more like his classic look from the comics. Check out the video below and pay attention at the :45 mark to see Magneto’s new helmet and armor.

Magneto as a character has existed through five previous films, and has been played by two different actors in that time. While Magneto’s helmet has always been an important part of his outfit, the character from the comics has classically been portrayed in a full suit of bright-red armor that goes along with his helmet. This is a look we’ve never really seen on screen. It looks like we finally will in X-Men: Apocalypse. This new video shows us that Oscar Isaac’s mutant leader will provide Michael Fassbender’s Magneto with a new helmet.

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And when we see Magneto receiving it, we can see that he’s also wearing full body armor that matches it. It's not quite as bright as it is the comic page, but it's the closest we've ever been.

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Ian McKellen's version of Magneto never really accepted the red aesthetic of the character in his run as the X-Men lead villain. While Michael Fassbender did go for the red outfit in the last film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, his armor was significantly less encompassing, and even the helmet looked more textured than the bright shiny object fans of the comics would know.

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Bryan Singer loves his earth tones. What do you think of Magneto’s new look? Are you excited that X-Men: Apocalypse appears to be embracing the comic book design more than ever before, or do you prefer the more modern look that the previous films have provided? Let us know in the comments section below.

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