Watch A Possibly Drunk Deadpool Recruit The X-Men In This Hilariously Vulgar Video

So, you may have seen a photo over this past weekend that showed us all how the merc with a mouth spent his Halloween. He’s posing with a bunch of kids dressed up in various X-Men costumes. It turns out there’s a short documentary film that shows us what happened behind the scenes of the making of that photo. I’m going to title the documentary "Deadpool mocks the X-Men and Swears at Children." Enjoy.

We’re a bit worried about Deadpool, if he had nothing better to do on Halloween then swear at children on the swings, but we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t hilarious. Ryan Reynolds, dressed as Deadpool, brings together a team of children in X-Men Halloween costumes in order to create his own super team. Apparently all the X-Men time travel has left him with an incredibly young team of recruits. He does the best he can. The video is simultaneously adorable and terrible. He gives Mystique a knife before pushing her on the swings which is a terrible thing and not even a little funny so why can’t we stop laughing. The best part though is actually the kids who give it back to Reynolds as well as they take it. Cyclops accuses Deadpool of being drunk while little Wolverine laments the time when Deadpool’s mouth was sewn shut so that we didn’t have to listen to him babble on like this. Oh, and they talk shit about Green Lantern some more because that literally never gets old.

How is this movie not going to be perfect? Is there really any way that’s possible? This movie that fought so hard to get made, so hard that it shouldn’t have been able to survive, continues to look like they’ve done literally everything right. This video is just another example that everybody involved in the Deadpool movie just gets it. From the first trailer, everything we see is just filled with the necessary attitude. Even Deadpool’s creator, who should be literally the hardest guy in the world to please, thinks the movie is going to be great. We really hope this video is part of a series. We can’t wait to find out what Deadpool does for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

So, how many of you have ever taken a human life? If you have, you may be ready to join Team Deadpool. The movie, which we expect will basically just be a feature-length version of this video, without the bleeps and with more murder, will be out in February. Do you think you have to be eight years old to be on Team Deadpool or can anybody join?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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