Watch Rey And Finn Dodge Massive Explosions In First Star Wars 7 Clip

Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi may not crave these things, but Star Wars fans do. Much of the trailers have been dedicated to the First Order’s attack on Rey’s home planet, but without much dialogue or effects, everything appears out of context. Now we have a look at one of the scenes as it will appear in the film. At only 15 seconds long, the scene gives away nothing, but one thing is for sure. It feels like Star Wars.

Rey and Finn have taken to their heels with the Order flying above them, and BB-8 cruising behind them as fast as the little guy can go. The place they’re running from is nothing but a fireball behind them. Their attempt to make it to a ship that will help them outrun the tie fighter attack is cut a little short when the craft itself goes up in another impressive fireball. Was it just part of the random destruction that cut off their escape, or is the First Order specifically after them for some reason?It’s a question we’ve asked before. The answer still is not clear.

What makes the scene just feel right is the exchange between Finn and Rey, who obviously have just met and don’t know each other very well, if at all. The humor in Finn being surprised that Rey is a pilot, while being shot at, feels like an exchange that Leia and Han Solo would have had while being shot at by Stormtroopers. While being a major adventure epic, Star Wars is not without its humor and this scene certainly has it.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition. One would expect Finn, being the former Stormtrooper, who is used to combat, to be the calmer one in this scenario, even if he is being shot at by those who used to be his own people. Instead, the man appears to be just short of panic while Rey looks to have things well in hand, at least until her ship explodes, of course. From what we do know of Rey as a character, she is about as self-reliant as you can get and it looks like even fire raining down from the sky isn’t quite enough to shake her.

Where do they go from here? There’s still so much we don’t know and with three weeks left, we can’t wait to find out. Every time we see something new, it only looks more and more like the movie we’ve been waiting for. The Force Awakens comes out December 18.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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