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Watch Stephen Colbert Predict The Entire Plot Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There are a few things that we know about the new Star Wars movie. There are also things that are being actively kept hidden from us. Somewhere in the middle of all that is this little detail called "the plot." How exactly do all these characters fit into the story? While there are many different ways one could interpret the details that we have, there is one man -- and one man alone =-- who truly understands. Stephen Colbert has watched the trailer and he now knows the entire plot of The Force Awakens. If you dare, check out his complete prediction here. Spoiler Alert? Yeah, probably not.

As part of his opening monologue, Colbert announced that he now knew what the plot of the film actually was. If you’re actually afraid of spoilers, you probably don’t need to be. His ideas are very broad overviews for the most part that have more to do with the relative political positions of The First Order and the Resistance than anything else. He only mentions John Boyega by name and doesn’t talk about any other specific characters so if you’re afraid you might learn too much about Kylo Ren, you can relax. He apparently has no prediction on the fate of Luke Skywalker, and really, does anything else even matter?

There is one aspect of his prediction that is at least intriguing, however. Colbert posits the idea that John Boyega’s character, who is a Stormtrooper but who appears to fight against the dark side of the Force, is part of a broader shift that will see the Resistance move toward the dark side while The First Order may move toward the light. It’s an interesting idea to say the least, and if the current theory that Luke has been moving toward the dark side turns out to be true there could be some validity to the whole thing. Colbert does make the point that the Force is not directly tied to the politics of the story. There’s nothing about it that was ever inherently part of the Empire, the Force exists outside of all that, meaning that a shift between who represents each side is certainly possible and that ultimately the sides don’t matter. Only the Force.

Stephen Colbert goes on to predict that the new generation of heroes will recognize that these distinctions between sides are artificial, and that will lead to a unification of the two sides. Hell, never mind the next movie, Colbert may have just predicted the entire trilogy right there.

While, ultimately, the late night host is just trying to be entertaining, he may actually have a couple of worthwhile ideas in there someplace. What do you think? Anything to this theory?

Dirk Libbey

CinemaBlend’s resident theme park junkie and amateur Disney historian. Armchair Imagineer. Epcot Stan. Future Club 33 Member.