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While everyone is flocking to see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice begin its box office reign in theaters across the nation, there are some who await the arrival of a different conflict. And with Captain America: Civil War a little over a month away from arriving, now's as good a time as any to brush up on your Marvel Cinematic Universe history. Refresh yourself with "The Road To Civil War," below.

This informative, and above all else entertaining, video comes to us from The MCU Exchange, who have taken on the daunting task of summing up the key points of every film and TV series in the current Marvel canon needed to get the most out of Captain America: Civil War. In just seven minutes, the most important information on the conflict at the heart of the next Marvel Studios picture is made clear as a bell. Even more impressively, it weaves the entire MCU into a cohesive tapestry, helping the audience to appreciate just how put together Marvel Studios' operations are.

While this video is labeled as a supercut, it's actually earned itself the title of "extended trailer," as it ties together pretty much all of the footage we've seen from Captain America: Civil War into a nice, neat package. This package also plays around with its editing, showing the deeper parallels between the moments that lie ahead and the good times that came before. By the end of the "The Road To Civil War," the viewer walks away both invigorated for the fight ahead, as well as forlorn that the superhero team of friends and colleagues known as The Avengers are about to turn on each other.

It's this point alone that showcases why and how Marvel Studios is ahead of the game when it comes to crafting a comic book universe on both the big and small screen. While DC Comics and Warner Bros earn some points of daring and competitive spirit for trying to jump start their shared universe with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, they unfortunately incur the drawback of not being able to mine a rich, emotional storyline that's been developed over the course of eight years worth of films. If there's anyone who needs the definitive proof, sit them down in front of "The Road To Civil War" and let them try to argue the contrary.
Time is on your side if you want to start reliving every moment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that leads up to Captain America: Civil War, but if you're interested in saving some time and getting to the highlights, then this video is the resource you need. The world of the MCU is about to change drastically, so a little perspective of what came before is always a good thing. That, and if you're a Marvel fan looking to stick it to your DC loving friends, "The Road To Civil War" is pretty much an adamantium bullet. If you're a DC fan, you can enjoy Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend; while you Marvel hardliners can see Captain America: Civil War on May 5th. If you happen to like both, then this is just an interesting year for you at the movies, isn't it?

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