Watch Teenagers Stampede A Theater After They're Blocked From Seeing Fifty Shades Of Grey

Being a teen is the worst. Your hormones are raging and your libidos are pumping, both of which cause you to act out in unconventional ways. So when a stampede of about 100 teens bum rushed a movie theater after they were denied entry into Fifty Shades of Grey, they should have blamed it on their still-developing minds. Perhaps it would’ve gotten them off (heh) with a warning.

As the BDSM love story is rated R, no minor under the age of 17 can see the film without an adult present. This meant that a large group of teens trying to score tickets at the AMC theater in the West Oaks mall in Florida on Valentine’s Day were going to be denied entry. According to The Hollywood Reporter, all the PG-13 films playing in the theater were sold out. The teens then charged into the theater as a last-ditch effort, scaring a ton of other moviegoers and attracting police attention in the process.

Both staff members and law-abiding patrons called 911. According to one onlooker, some of the teens were threatening people, saying "Shut the fuck up, or I’m going to kill you." The officers eventually arrived and dispersed the group, but not before arresting one teen for battery and resisting an officer without violence.

To ensure this kind of incident never happens again, the mall is beefing up its security and implementing a new rule: nobody under the age of 17 is allowed to be in the mall past 9 p.m. without an adult present. Otherwise, they will be escorted out. NBC affiliate WESH caught up with a bystander to get his opinion on the new protocol, and he says he understands both sides of the story. "It’s a grey area," he said. (Dare we say, a Fifty Shades of Grey area?)

Fifty Shades of Grey received the R rating for a reason. Though director Sam Taylor-Johnson had to edit the content down significantly, it still features highly explicit sexual material. Some of this includes straight-on shots at Dakota Johnson’s breasts, side shots of her crotch and plenty of ass play to go around — not to mention the Skinemax-worthy sex scenes. Despite all of this NSFW content, there were no shots of Jamie Dornan’s package, with the exception of a split-second top shot. We knew this was coming beforehand, but it still caused most of us watching it be like…

Fifty Shades reaction

Perhaps this was the same thought that prompted the teenage horde to charge the theater.