Watch Twilight Get The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

If you don't follow silly political memes, you might have missed out on the "Bad Lip Reading" trend, in which various politicians were subjected to new audio tracks that turned their finely tuned speeches into utter nonsense. Either because the politicians are saying silly enough things on their own, or they've simply gotten bored, the Bad Lip Reading folks have moved on to movies, and are subjecting Edward and Bella's courtship in the first Twilight movie to their nonsense. Take a look below.

There's something kind of perfect about the way they pick up on Kristen Stewart's muttering and turn it into something sinister, and you have to assume that "I spit on my brother" might mean something even worse-- this is a movie about vampires, after all. And if you've suffered through a Twilight movie when you weren't really into the love drama of Edward and Bella, this nonsense might be what the movies sounded like to you to begin with.

If you want to compare the opening scene to the original, you can watch it below, starting around the 2-minute mark:

Here's hoping this isn't the end of the bad lip reading for movies-- even a movie that's actually good might benefit from this kind of well-executed silliness.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend