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What’s in a name, right? That’s probably the billionth time someone has asked that question, and the answer is “everything,” simply enough. It might just be a coincidence that we never had a president named Pisspot, but it probably isn’t. Films change their names all the time, for better or worse. It’s always weird when a sports team does it, and especially when a an actual athlete does it. But what of an entire corporation?

When former 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman announced he was stepping down last year, it was announced that Fox’s parent company News Corp. would be going through some name changes, and even though the name wasn’t what was predicted, Rupert Murdoch has officially changed the tentatively titled Fox Group to 21st Century Fox, according to Deadline. The imagination those guys have!

Now to be clear, this is the separate entertainment side of Fox. Deadline also reports 20th Century Fox will be keeping its name on both the film and television front. “It’s an 80-year-old brand that stands for something and means something to people,” the studio explained. “It’s a brand. It’s something that has lasted. The other company is brand new and begins in the 21st century.”

Of course, both of those companies actually fall under the 21st Century moniker, as do FOX, FX, FXX, FS1, Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports Network, National Geographic Channels, Fox Pan American Sports, MundoFox and STAR. To name a few. I’m guessing if Rupert Murdoch had a pet fox, it would be a part of it too.

Welcome to the future. It looks exactly like the present.

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