If you’re looking forward to the upcoming Cameron Crowe film We Bought A Zoo, you may have the opportunity to see it nearly a month before it makes its official debut in theaters. Select theaters are set to show the movie later this month.

We Bought a Zoo stars Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Elle Fanning and Thomas Haden Church, and follows a single dad who decides to get a new start for his family by buying a zoo and moving the whole family there with the intention of restoring it. Based on the trailer and the description, it looks like a great movie for the whole family, which is why an early release around this time of year seems fitting.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox and the social media service TOUT are teaming up to host screenings of We Bought a Zoo in more than 800 cities across the U.S. during the weekend of November 26th, weeks ahead of its December 23rd release. Based on the comments by Fox president and chief marketing officer Oren Aviv, it looks like they’re hoping families who are coming together for Thanksgiving will take advantage of the opportunity to see the movie early. "Once in a while, we're lucky enough to have a picture to which audiences of all kinds and all ages respond so strongly, that it demands a big and unexpected event," Aviv said. "We Bought a Zoo is that kind of picture -- and Thanksgiving is a great time to share it via this special very early preview."

This seems to fall under the same idea as the plan to release Tower Heist on demand just weeks after it hit theaters earlier this month. In that case, the plans fell through as theaters protested it. It’s far less likely that theaters will take issue with the WBaZ sneak peeks, considering they’re included this time around.

More information on We Bought A Zoo in our Blend Film Database.

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