What One Of The Star Trek Beyond Alien Races Will Look Like

Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond is guaranteed to feature all kinds of new and different aliens, but now we have our first look at one of the weird species that we can expect to see in the sci-fi sequel. Check out the strange looking extraterrestrial in the still below!

Star Trek Beyond Alien

Following up on the same campaign that launched last week, a second video has launched on Omaze that features stars of Star Trek Beyond hanging out on the Enterprise and promoting a special contest to help their favorite charities. The new clip, starring Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin, also features a quick look at the production of the upcoming blockbuster, including the strange alien head you see above.

You can watch the entire video here:

From the quick glimpse we've seen so far, there's quite a bit we can tell about this as of yet unnamed creature. For starters, it looks like a walrus-esque species, with a facial structure similar to the aformentioned creature. This looks like just the head bust, but we're willing to bet this new character isn't a small one, so there's more rubber where this came from.

Which leads us to the next observation we've made: this creature is a full-on makeup job, and not a CGI creation. So there's a good chance that this face is already spoken for by a current cast member of Star Trek Beyond, and not the face that a lucky future contest winner would wear during their walk on role. Though let's admit it, if any of the contest winners were to be given the opportunity to wear a complex facial appliance like this one, it'd be more of an honor than a curse.

With his sense of humor set to stun, Pegg and co-star Anton Yelchin have respectively picked Time Is Precious and Camp Sunshine as their respective charities to benefit from a portion of this round's proceeds. So not only will any Star Trek fans be winning the chance of a lifetime to visit the set of the next film, but they'll be giving to a good cause for children. So if you've ever wanted to see space, the final frontier, a little up close and green screened, then this is your chance to do some good as well as win big!

Star Trek Beyond is set to open July 8, 2016. If Simon Pegg brings the same wit and energy he did to this pitch video to his script, then we'll all be winners for having experienced another excellent film in the Star Trek canon.

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