What If San Andreas Starred Superman Instead of The Rock?

The Rock has a big disaster movie coming up called San Andreas, which tells of a quite literally earth-shattering quake that demolishes San Andreas, California. While we can’t get enough of Dwayne Johnson, especially not after his new Bambi-meets-Rambo persona from SNL, some clever soul spiced things up a bit. Imagine if Superman were there to save everyone from this natural disaster? Imagine no more, because here’s a mash-up of Supermandreas.

Vimeo user Nick Acosta watched the San Andreas trailers and realized that some of the set pieces were "shot for shot the same" as 1978’s Superman. He also doesn’t care for The Rock and "his wooden acting," so it was easy to take him out and swap in Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel. The results are pretty fantastic. Acosta states in the video’s description that he even rotoscoped Reeves flying through a few scenes from San Andreas, punching through a collapsing building and saving a civilian from being crushed by a landslide of debris.

Superman seems to have all the pieces to warrant a mash-up. Aside from the similar scenes, Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor and his plot to blow away California with a massive bomb proves to be an interesting set-up for the earthquake that splits open San Andreas. Plus, Margot Kidder kind of looks like San Andreas actress Carla Gugino in the right light. You can almost forget that it's Kidder trying to breath life back into her saviour boyfriend.

It doesn’t matter that Acosta didn’t edit The Rock to be the Superman of the day, because the former WWE wrestling star will be playing a comic book character, anyway. It’s no Superman, but it’s close. Johnson will play Black Adam in DC and Warner Bros.’ upcoming Shazam movie. The actor has been teasing a superhero role for a while, but his new supervillain/anti-hero gig sees him becoming an ancient Egyptian prince who’s survived all these years through his lust to obtain more magical powers. Shazam hasn’t been cast, but The Rock has enough fans to carry this movie by himself, even, at the very least, into Hercules-level B-movie status.

San Andreas will hit theaters on May 29, and we have an inkling that it's going to fall into that latter category of The Rock's resume. It just seems like it's all flash and no sizzle. Kyle Minogue is in it, too, which is normally not a good sign. Not even Paul Giamatti or True Detective star Alexandra Doddario can save this film from disaster. But at least it has Arrow's Colton Haynes to bring more sex appeal to this movie. So far, we're loving Acosta's Superman mash-up slightly more.