San Andreas Trailer Has Dwayne Johnson Taking On Earthquakes And Tidal Waves

In the match-up of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson vs. an Earthquake, it's not super easy to determine an automatic victor. On the Hollywood stage, both are absolute forces of nature and can do some serious damage. Regardless of who wins, however, it should be a rather awesome fight, as previewed below in the newest trailer for San Andreas.

Considering that Dwayne Johnson posted the brand new poster for San Andreas earlier today, it's not too surprising that the trailer decided to drop this evening. What is surprising, however, is just how awesome and action-packed it is. It not only begins with a pretty damn exciting rooftop chase away from certain death:

San Andreas

But ends with a pretty ridiculous and cool tidal wave sequence that threatens to put the entire Bay Area underwater:

San Andreas

After watching this trailer, my only concern is in regard to exactly how active a role Dwayne Johnson will get to have throughout most of the movie. As a helicopter pilot, there is a risk that he could wind up being stuck behind the stick of a chopper during San Andreas' biggest action sequences, left to only react and deftly maneuver his flying vehicle. The quick clips at the end of this trailer give me hope that this won't wind up being too much of a problem, but it is something that this preview makes me think about.

Directed by Brad Peyton (who previously worked with The Rock on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), San Andreas begins as the infamous titular fault finally gives way and unleashes a magnitude 9 earthquake across California (so big they're going to feel it on the east cost!). This event forces a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) to work with his estranged wife and fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco in order to save their only daughter (Alexandra Daddario). As you can see in the trailer, the movie also stars Paul Giamatti and Ioan Gruffudd, and while the former seems to be playing some sort of scientist, it's not currently clear what role the latter is serving.

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