In the last few years, streaming services have played a larger and larger role in the way that we watch movies and television shows. For many film lovers it has become a tremendous convenience, while at the same time they are looking to completely alter the way that we watch TV. In the next few years, we expect this technology to become even more significant and important, and right now it’s a group of different sites that seem to be leading the charge into the future.

But which streaming services are these? What are their individual pluses and minuses? How do they function as libraries, in addition to providing original content? We’ve broken all of that down in this handy guide, so read on!

Movies: The library of movies featured on Netflix is a rather perfect illustration of the phrase "mixed bag." There are some true-blue classics that are featured, as well as multiple titles available from directors like Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson – but those films also be surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of titles that nobody will ever watch. There are significant adds and drops that happen at the beginning of every month, but overall it stays at the same level.

Television: Television is definitely a strong department from Netflix. While they don’t have access to episodes that played the night before, they have a very list of amazing television show all available to watch in their entirety. There’s favorites that you’ll know you love – like Breaking Bad and Friends - but also plenty of fantastic titles you may not have heard of just yet – like Peep Show and Better Off Ted.

Original Programming: Of all the streaming services currently available, Netflix is arguably the head of the pack. From House of Cards to Orange Is The New Black to Daredevil, the site is consistently releasing both popular and acclaimed shows, and even some major surprises like Bojack Horseman, Narcos, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Ease Of Use: Because of the way the rating algorithm works, the longer you’ve been a member of Netflix and rating stuff, the easier it is to use. Provided you’ve given enough input, the service is extremely easy to use, and not only does a good job highlighting individual titles a user might like, but also specific genres. It’s also available on just about every platform.

Price: For streaming, users can pay between $7.99 a month (for one SD screen) and $11.99 a month (for four simultaneous streaming HD screens). The DVD rental option is also available for those who are still a decade behind society, and you can pay between $7.99 a month for one disc at-a-time, and as much as $43.99 for eight-at-a-time. For Blu-rays, it's been $9.99 for one disc, and as much as $26.99 for four discs.

Grade: A-

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