UPDATE: We've got confirmation from a second source that this rumor is 100% true. So if you dare keep reading, know that it comes with solid evidence! Spoiler Warning: We aren't sure if the following rumor is true or not, but in the interest of protecting our own asses here is our very important warning to all of you that if you don't want any part of The Wolverine to be ruined before you see it. If you're part of that group, I recommend clicking on another one of our awesome articles. Now on to the article

Wolverine is a character with serious memory issues. In the canon of the films the character was shot in the brain with an adamantium bullet and completely forgot everything about himself (I know it's stupid, but let's just move on) after undergoing the experiment that gave him his indestructible skeleton. The next movie in the franchise, The Wolverine, plans to examine the following part of the heroes life as he travels to Japan on a search for identity.

But now it's being rumored that a new forgotten memory will show up in the James Mangold-directed story: it's possible that the first time that Wolverine and Jean Grey met they weren't in Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, as shown in Bryan Singer's X-Men.

We Got This Covered is the source of the rumor and says that Famke Janssen, who played the telekinetic mutant in X-Men, X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand, flew out to Sydney, Australia last week - where The Wolverine production is taking place - to film a cameo in the movie. The story is a bit short on details, not explicitly saying how Jean Grey will fit into the plot.

This story reminds me of a rumor that surfaced during the making of X-Men: First Class back in 2010, when there was a rumor saying that Hugh Jackman had flown out to Georgia to be a part of the production. At the time, Singer, who served as a producer on the movie, vehemently denied the rumor, saying, "He's not in the movie, he's in the Wolverine movies." Then, of course, First Class came out last summer and we all got a great laugh when everyone's favorite spiky haired, retractile claw wielding hero told Magneto and Professor X to go fuck themselves. So who knows how this story will play out.

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