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As a veteran of both the Hobbit films and the Sherlock TV series, Martin Freeman has become a very popular actor in recent years. This means that when he became attached to another big franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people became very curious to see how he would fit in. It looks like we now have a definitive answer to that question. Unfortunately, that answer also confirms we won’t be seeing Freeman in a pair of tights anytime soon.

A story in Empire confirms one of the previous rumors, that Martin Freeman will play the role of Everett Ross. While not a major name within the universe of Marvel comics, he does play a significant part in the greater story of one of the new characters in Captain America: Civil War. He’s an expert on the nation of Wakanda, which makes him important to the greater story of Black Panther. Within Civil War itself, he’ll be a part of the Joint Counter Terrorist Center, the organization charged with keeping their eye on the super powered people that Captain America will find himself at odds with.

While Everett Ross may have a connection to Wakanda, the Empire story shows him in Germany, a location that Captain America knows well, and will be returning to in Captain America: Civil War. He’s also standing alongside Emily Van Camp’s Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers former neighbor, and also potential love interest. It looks like the superheroes aren’t the only ones finding themselves on unlikely sides in Civil War.

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The fact that Everett Ross is connected to Black Panther is a strong indication that Captain America: Civil War won’t be the only appearance within the MCU for Martin Freeman. There’s a good chance that he’ll be back for a standalone Black Panther movie that’s currently set for a July 2018 release. Civil War will see Black Panther on the hunt for The Winter Soldier, who has been framed for committing a terrorist act. It’s possible that Ross will be the reason that Panther is the one brought in to play bounty hunter.

As Martin Freeman is best known for playing a hero on screen, it will be interesting to see him in a part where he’s on the opposite side from Captain America. Like most of the heroes that are aligned the government, we don’t really see him as a villain, but rather just somebody with a different set of ideals. Still, for the purposes of Captain America: Civil War it looks like he’ll be one of our "bad guys."

Are you ready to see Bilbo Baggins take on Captain America? We'll see it for ourselves when Captain America: Civil War opens on May 6.