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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the benefit of being pretty well loved by both fans and critics, there’s one place where many agree it could use work, the role of women. Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow has done a fantastic job as the lone female Avenger, but she’s been carrying most of the weight of women in the MCU herself and thus far she’s been doing it as a backup player. Many fans feel that Black Widow deserves her own movie. If that were to ever happen it look like the directors are already lined up because The Russo Brothers would love a shot at making that film.

In a recent interview, The Russo’s were talking about the importance of the relationship between Natasha Romanova and Steve Rogers in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Then they were asked if they would be interested in directing a standalone feature based on the character. Both Joe and Anthony Russo gave an enthusiastic response. They both love Scarlett Johansson, and they both love Black Widow. According to Joe Russo, she’s actually one of the more interesting characters in the MCU today.
We find that the character is one of if not the richest character in the Marvel universe. A very complex character, haunted by demons and her understanding of the world is fascinating. I think there is a lot that can be done with that character.

It’s certainly a major endorsement for the possibility of a Black Widow film. The Russo Brothers are basically the guys running the MCU today, so if they think the character deserves a film, so much so that they’re willing to make it, that should strike a chord with the folks at Marvel Studios.

It’s the word "complex" that stands out here. For the most part, complex is not a word you would use with the rest of the Avengers. They generally fall into the "what you see is what you get" category. That’s not a sleight. It’s done intentionally to make them more relatable as characters. However, in Avengers: Age of Ultron we began to see a bit more about Black Widow's background and it becomes clear that there’s a lot that we don’t know about her. There’s certainly complex story there, why not give the Natasha Romanova her own film to tell it? Black Widow has certainly grown to become a popular character. Check out their full comments, thanks to ComicBook.com, below. The relevant discussion begins at the 6:30 mark.

Does it matter who directs a Black Widow movie? Are you more likely to be interested in it if the Russo Brothers make it, or are you waiting for anybody to get off their butt and make this movie happen?