We've got one superhero movie out of the way this summer, with Iron Man 3 continuing to shatter box office records everywhere, and the next one is coming up very soon, with Man of Steel debuting June 14. The only superhero mystery that's really left is The Wolverine, which brings back Hugh Jackman as the adamantium-clawed berseker eager, retreating to Japan and haunted by losses from the past and a desire to part ways with his own immortality. If that sounds pretty dark, it is-- and its all on display in this new trailer, which popped up online today at YouTube.

Remember when Famke Janssen's return as Jean Grey was considered a spoiler? Now it's a selling point, a pretty quick and intense way to set up just how haunted Logan is when we meet him in this film. The rest of the trailer shows off highlights that have been prevalent in previous trailers-- the fight in the snow, the bullet train battle, the promise that Logan might be able to get rid of his curse of immortality. But we also get a better look than ever at the Silver Samurai, who was shown off in some Cinema Con footage but really steps it up here, especially in that last shot accompanied by a dub step beat to tell you just how intense it all is.

It's been a full four years since X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and maybe it's unfair to continue holding that movie against a completely new standalone film, with a completely different creative team (save Hugh Jackman, of course). But The Wolverine is definitely on an uphill battle to claim its rightful place in the summer movie hierarchy. Trailers this effective can only make that easier, though. Does this help you decide if The Wolverine is worth your time this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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