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Wrath Of The Titans Will Use Post-Conversion 3D

As upset as people were about the quality of Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans, it was unmatched by the outrage surrounding the 3D, which was done using post-conversion. Thanks to the success of Avatar, the studio decided that they wanted to add $4 on to every ticket sale and the result was a dark, flat, shitty mess that nobody was happy with. Now with the sequel coming out, one would think that they'd know better this time around. Apparently they don't.

Cinematical recently spoke with director Jonathan Liebesman, who will be helming the sequel, titled Wrath of the Titans, and he confirmed that the movie will once again be using the post-conversion process. According to Liebesman, the entire movie will be conceived and edited with 3D in mind, but because he wants to work with film instead of digital, the movie won't be filming with stereoscopic cameras. Said the director about using the cameras,

"I tested a lot of digital cameras, and quite frankly, because I'm going for a sort of much grittier, grounded look in Clash 2, the look I want is almost Gladiator with fantastical creatures in it, I found that the characteristics of film were more what I was going for."

I must say that I'm curious as to how this will work out. The post-conversion 3D process has improved greatly since Clash of the Titans came out last year - all you have to do is look at The Green Hornet to understand that - and if it's being made with 3D in mind, it could actually work. Then again, I keep thinking back to last year's Comic Con where Jon Favreau took the stage to represent Cowboys & Aliens and told the crowd that his desire to make the movie using film and his hatred of post-conversion 3D made him decide to keep the movie 2D. Only time will tell.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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