The Fast and the Furious franchise is back in a big way after the success of the most recent iteration Fast 5. It seems like fast cars and big muscles will never not be cool, which is great for 5 scribe Chris Morgan, who is currently hard at work on whatever they’ll decide to name the sixth one. According to Deadline, Morgan sold Crime of the Century to Universal, marking the first sale for the writer since the signing of his two year first-look contract with the studio.

Century will reportedly be a high-action, sci-fi heist movie, but details beyond that are slim. Pitched by Morgan, the script will be penned by rookie writer Dan Kunka and directed by rookie director Dan Trachtenberg. You may think that having two newbies on board could be risky, and it is, but Trachtenberg made a huge splash a couple months ago with his fan film Portal: No Escape based around the popular Valve action-puzzle game. The film itself is sitting at a healthy 7 million views in YouTube which makes it easy to wonder just what this kid will do with an actual budget since he had next to zero for this amazing short.

The big question here is whether or not the studio will let these young filmmakers really make the movie they want to make, that we know they can make, or if too many strings will be pulled by big studio execs. check out his short film below, best enjoyed if you actually know what Portal is.

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