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Michael B. Jordan Will Play A John Wick-Like Assassin In New Movie

There's your standard movie assassin, and then there's this guy, levels above everyone else.

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The Rock's Fast And Furious Spinoff Has Been Hit With A Lawsuit

Hobbs and Shaw is the first spinoff in the Fast and Furious universe and it is now dealing with some legal issues behind the scenes.

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Why Bradley Cooper Decided To Make A Star Is Born For The 4th Time

Bradley Cooper's highly-acclaimed directorial debut A Star is Born starring Lady Gaga has been in shining lights before in 1976, 1954 and 1937.

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The Kid Who Would Be King Trailer Is Fun And Mythical
Ant-Man And The Wasp’s Honest Trailer Pokes Fun At The Movie’s Science

While you might have flicked away these details the first time you saw Ant-Man and the Wasp, Honest Trailers is here to point out all the movie's stings.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Admits Some Of Her Halloween Movies Aren't Great

Like many long-running horror franchises, Halloween has had more misses than hits and series star Jamie Lee Curtis knows it.

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Deapool 2’s Zazie Beetz Actually Auditioned To Play Another Marvel Character First

Zazie Beetz stole the show as Domino in Deadpool 2 but she could have played a very different Marvel character.

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Destroyer Trailer: Check Out Nicole Kidman's Intense, Oscar-Worthy Performance
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Apparently, Netflix Subscribers Really Love Rom-Coms

As it turns out, there's a reason Netflix has been giving rom-coms so much love. A slew of Netflix subscribers just can't get enough of romantic comedies on the streaming service.

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Tom Holland Celebrated Spider-Man: Far From Home Wrapping With Awesome Set Images

The final film of the current phase of the MCU is nearing completion and Tom Holland has given us our best look yet.

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What Ben Affleck Likes About His Daredevil Movie

The big screen Daredevil isn't one of the superhero genres greatest hits, but there's one aspect of the film that Ben Affleck really likes.

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How Mid90s’ Star Was Able To Take Such Brutal Hits, According To Jonah Hill

Stevie, the protagonist in writer/director Jonah Hill's Mid90s, has a lot of notable characteristics -- from his intense desire to fit in, to his rebel spirit -- but the big standout is his ability to take a hit.

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Halloween Has An Amazing Callback To The Original In Its Soundtrack

The musical legacy of Halloween continues in the new sequel, with Carpenter composing the score, but what you may not notice is that there is an special Easter egg hidden in the soundtrack.

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New Birds Of Prey Rumor May Reveal How Black Mask Will Be Used

Although unconfirmed, Batman villain and Gotham crime lord Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask is expected to be the villain in the DCEU film.

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Why Venom Didn't Use Carnage As Its Main Villain, According To The Producer

Carnage and Venom have had an adversarial relationship over the decades, but Venom producer Matt Tolmach explained the movie didn't have Carnage fill that main villain role.

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We Finally Know What The New Walt Disney World Pricing System Looks Like
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An Amy Winehouse Biopic Will Begin Filming Next Year

The English singer rose to international fame on the back of her 2006 sophomore album Back to Black and tragically passed away in 2011. This biopic follows a 2015 documentary which chronicled her life and struggles.

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Annabelle 3 Is Finally Bringing In The Conjuring's Main Characters

Ed and Lorraine Warren finally get to participate in one of these spinoffs.

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John Carpenter And Jason Blum Don’t Think The Current Horror Boom Is Going To Last Long
Movie News
Michelle Yeoh Was Initially Very Upset About The Crazy Rich Asians Script
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