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5 Reasons Why The Meg Overperformed

The Meg overperformed at the box office this weekend, and this is why we think that happened.

New Happytime Murders Trailer Doubles Down On The Dirtiness

If you thought the first Happytimes Murder trailer was raunchy, just wait until you watch this latest preview.

Don't Expect The Avatar Movies To Ever Be Set On Another Planet

After nearly a decade it looks like the Avatar sequels that James Cameron promised may finally actually be happening, but while we don't know exactly what they'll bring, we know one thing they won't.

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MoviePass Is Apparently Adding Even More Restrictions

MoviePass again instituted major changes to the service to the surprise of subscribers this past weekend.

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Is Dan Stevens Returning For The Downton Abbey Movie?

It's finally happening! But how does Matthew Crawley fit in?

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Why Christopher Lloyd Was Really Nervous About Coming Back For Back To The Future 2

It took four years for the Back to the Future sequels to get underway in the late 1980s and while fans were certainly excited when it finally happened, one of the film's stars was actually quite nervous.

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Infinity War Almost Had A Howard The Duck Cameo Scene

Having already graced the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films, there were plans for Howard the Duck to also cameo in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Could Robocop Returns Actually Bring Back The Original Star?

Is the original Alex Murphy getting back under the visor for Robocop Returns? Heres what director Neil Blomkamp says.

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Why One Shazam! Actor Thinks The DC Movie Works Better Than Some Recent Superhero Films

The upcoming DC movie looks to excel by doing things differently than a lot of the other recent superhero movies.

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How Ant-Man And The Wasp Potentially Sets Up Ant-Man 3

Ant-Man and The Wasp may have set up a potential third Ant-Man movie.

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Why Warner Bros. Didn't Try To Market The Meg As A Horror Movie

Although The Meg has horror elements, Warner Bros opted to take a different approach with marketing the movie.

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Why The Meg Should Have Stuck With An R-Rated Cut

The Meg took a pretty big bite out of the box office this weekend. But even with its overperformance at the movies, this really should have been an R-rated romp.

The McDonald's Monopoly Scam Movie Incited A Bidding War Between Some Huge Names

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon may have come out on top with the McDonald's Monopoly scam movie, but there were a lot of other heavy hitters who wanted in on the project.

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How Avengers: Infinity War Cast Members Found Out They Were Part Of The Snap

Thanos' culling wiped out half of the universe, including the Avengers. For the cast of the film, their characters' fates came as a shock.

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The Back To The Future Cast Reunited And Great Scott!

It's great seeing the cast back together, but you don't want to see Back to the Future 4 either. Right?

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Toy Story 4: What We Know So Far

At the end of Toy Story 3 it truly looked like the story of these toys was at an end. But the folks at Pixar thought there was more to be explored in the world of toys and so we begin preparations for Toy Story 4.

Walt Disney World May Add A Wreck-It Ralph Attraction, Remove One Of Its Least Popular Ones

Wreck-It Ralph is about to return to the big screen, but it looks like he might also be making a big move into Disney Parks, replacing one of the least popular attractions currently running.

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First Look At Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Is Badass

We have our first good look at Niki Caro's Mulan, and Liu Yifei looks like a total badass warrior in the titular role.

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A Lost Marilyn Monroe Nude Scene Has Been Uncovered
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Watch Chris Hemsworth Troll Fans With Avengers 4 Spoilers

Following the epic results of Avengers: Infinity War there may be no more anticipated film than Avengers 4. Few actually know what happens in the next movie, but Chris Hemsworth is one who does.

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5 Reasons Why The Meg Overperformed
Why The Meg Should Have Stuck With An R-Rated Cut
Toy Story 4: What We Know So Far

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