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Ving Rhames Says It Might Be Time For Tom Cruise To Stop Doing Mission: Impossible Stunts

They've been working together for more than 22 years, and he has concerns for his friend.

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The Strange Way Searching Got Its Special On-Screens Look

Similar to how found footage emerged as a popular new form of storytelling in the last 20 years, Hollywood is starting to develop a cool new way to present a narrative.

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Lady And The Tramp Has Cast Lady's Human Owner

It's not all animals running about in Lady and the Tramp.

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Jason Blum Would Totally Take Over The Dark Universe

One of horror's biggest names wants a crack at the fledgling universe.

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The Time Harry Potter's Tom Felton Tried To Convert His Co-Star To Slytherin

They may have graduated to become full-fledged wizards, but the Gryffindor/Slytherin rivalry dies hard.

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Joss Whedon Explains Why Marvel Is So Brilliant To Work With

A lot has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Joss Whedon last directed a film there, but he still thinks Marvel is a brilliant place to work.

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Timing Explains Why Jean Grey Isn't In That Deadpool 2 Cameo

David Leitch has opened up to explain why Jean Grey didn't appear in that hilarious Deadpool 2 X-Men cameo.

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Way More People Are Going To The Movies This Summer Than Last Summer

The domestic box office has bounced back in a major way from last year's abysmal showing.

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Captain Marvel: What We Know So Far About Nick Fury's Past

Nick Fury is a man of many secrets, but enough details have been revealed that we've decide to go over them ahead of Captain Marvel's release.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Author Addresses The Lack Of An Asian Love Interest

The flick is based on a popular Young Adult book written by Jenny Han, and features a young woman, Lara Jean, deal with some drama and love interests after some letters she has written to young men make their way out into the universe.

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Denzel Washington Reveals He Hasn't Been Approached For A Marvel Movie

Denzel Washington has admitted that he has never been approached for a Marvel film.

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How James Wan Impressed The Cast Of DC's Aquaman While Directing

The horror director really impressed one of the veteran actors on his first superhero film.

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Chris Pratt And More Celebrities Have Screened Crazy Rich Asians, Here’s What They Think

Crazy Rich Asians has been in theaters for nearly a week, and various celebrities, like Chris Pratt, have given their thoughts on the movie on social media.

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Chris Hemsworth Admits He Doesn't Really Like Thor: The Dark World

Looks like Chris Hemsworth isn't a huge fan of the second Thor movie.

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Get Out's Lil Rel Howery Thinks Jordan Peele's Movie Would Have Won The Popular Movie Oscar

The actor suspects that the breakout film would have walked home with more gold had the new award existed a year earlier.

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Sly Stallone And Michael B. Jordan Sparring On The Set Of Creed II Has Us Pumped For The Movie

Creed surprised a lot of people by breathing new life into the Rocky franchise and now we can't wait to see the sequel later this year.

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Thanos Almost Walked On A River Of Blood During Pivotal Infinity War Scene
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Crazy Rich Asians May Have Won The Box Office, But The Meg Still Dominated Worldwide

This weekend's domestic box office saw Crazy Rich Asians take the top spot in a big win for film diversity, however, it wasn't enough to take down a massive shark on a global scale.

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Outlaw King Trailer: Watch Chris Pine Try A Scottish Accent As Robert The Bruce

You might barely recognize Chris Pine in the trailer for Netflix's new movie.

Marvel Actor Vincent D’Onofrio Addresses Disney’s Decision Not To Hire James Gunn Back
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