See Batman V Superman Redeem Itself Through An 8-Bit Remake

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a bit of a punching bag when it comes to critical and audience reaction this past spring. So naturally, almost any version of the DC Comics team-up could be considered superior to the Zack Snyder film from his past March. Well now, you can test that theory, as we have a video of the film remade as an old school side-scroller, all for your viewing pleasure below.

BitCine took it upon themselves to take the off-season topic of controversy, and take it back to the days of the Nintendo, with their latest 8-bit reinterpretation. The results work better than you could have possibly imagined, especially during stages like Bruce Wayne / Batman's nightmare involving Darkseid or Superman's high powered clobbering of Doomsday. Though if we had to pick on board we'd probably end up playing repeatedly over the rest, it would probably Stage 7, which is better known as the moment where Ben Affleck's Batman kicked a whole bunch of villainous ass, all in the name of saving Martha Kent. Not only was that one of the better moments in the film version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we could imagine a good couple weeks glued to the Nintendo trying to master the best strategy to clear the board. In fact, had this game been around when we were kids, we might not have seen much sunlight.

Come to think of it, even in a more modern context Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could have made for an interesting video game . Were there an official game on Playstation 4 or XBox One, choosing to fight as either Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent could be even more fun if the franchise took over the better aspects of Batman's various games of late. Still, if someone were to slip us a completely playable version of the game shown above, we wouldn't be against wasting some time on beating its challenges.


Of course, the big fight between Batman and Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is represented in its own 8-bit representation, as well as the final fight between the DC Trinity and Doomsday, so all of the major action sequences are covered. All that's missing is some retro box art, and maybe a bonus round tying into Suicide Squad, in which you have to stay on the top of the Joker's sports car for 30 seconds, and you'd be set. Here's hoping we see some 8-bit action for that flick after its August 5th release date. In the meantime, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will see release in its Ultimate Edition format on July 19th.

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