We're Getting A Big Justice League Reveal This Week, Here's What We Know

Maybe the biggest question mark over at DC Films right now is the Justice League movie. Warner Bros has been making changes to most of their current lineup following the reaction to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, from removing the director of The Flash to appointing Geoff Johns as co-head of DC Films. But with all these changes, many were left wondering how this would affect Justice League, which went into production right after Dawn of Justice hit theaters. Any changes to the film would have to be presumably rushed, and it's possible that some edits simply wouldn't fit into the schedule. Now some of our questions might finally be answered because we've gotten word that news on the blockbuster could be arriving as early as Tuesday.

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A handful of journalists (including our own Sean O'Connell) took a trip over to the Justice League set in London. I'm sure they learned lots of great spoilery things but embargoes have kept them mostly silent. They were able to say, however, that the visit managed to turn a lot of skeptics into big DC fans. Why is that? We'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out, which is when it was heavily implied that there would be a big Justice League reveal.

What that reveal contains is anyone's guess, but I can offer a few options/dreams. Of course, the ideal situation would be footage. The film won't be anywhere close to being completed so it would have to be small, but depending on what's shown it could be very exciting; sort of in the vein of that teaser for The Avengers that played at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. There have been rumors of the villain being Darkseid or his uncle Steppenwolf, so we could be getting some confirmation on that.

Another cool option would be concept art. I've always been a sucker for concept art, which shows off awesome illustrations that can give up some cool details about settings and costumes. A less exciting option is that the reveal is simply the first group shot of all the heroes together. A photo is the bare minimum level of cool things they could show.

There is one crazy thing they could show that would absolutely blow people's minds, but I'm not sure they'll go through with it. They could reveal that Superman is the villain or at least a mind controlled one that is forced to fight the other heroes. There have been fan theories circling about this stating that Superman might not be himself after his "death" at the end of Batman v Superman. An unrestrained Superman is a pretty credible threat for the formation of the Justice League. That being said, I doubt they'll villainize Superman like this. I admit that the idea is kind of silly, but so is killing off Superman right before the Justice League movie. And it would just be a crazy reveal that would get everyone talking, regardless of how they feel about an evil Superman.

It's interesting that Warner Bros isn't waiting until Comic-Con to show off their biggest film, but they might just be trying to garner up some extra excitement in the wake of the Batman v Superman debacle. That way they can focus on more immediate movies like Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. It's all about winning those extra brownie points to sway anyone who's still on the fence about the DCEU.

Whatever the big reveal is we'll know everything about it on Tuesday, so make sure you check in with CinemaBlend to learn all about it. Justice League is currently scheduled to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.

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