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Watch Your Favorite Pixar Movies End Just As They Start To Get Sad

It's no question that Pixar is one of the best in the business when it comes to making us all get a little emotional at the movies. But what if they decided to end the film at that point? A new video looks at several different Pixar films and cuts out the happy ending (and in some cases, most of the story) to show us how Pixar movies would look if they all ended at the movie's saddest point. Check it out.

The first clip we look at is the classic Monsters Inc. This one actually waits to get through most of the movie before having us check our eyelids for leaks. It honestly wouldn't have been that crazy to see the movie end with Boo staring at her closet, wondering where Kitty went. This version, however, ends with Boo's door being shredded, which isn't just sad, it's a kick to the gut.

The most terrible part of the video is probably the Jessie scene from Toy Story 2 which envisions a version of the film where the cowgirl is left by the side of the road and then "You've Got A Friend In Me" starts playing, which is wrong on many levels. Finding Nemo gets transformed into a short film as the movie ends after Marlin's wife dies, before Nemo is ever born. Finally, Inside Out just doesn't work ending where it does here. While the sacrifice of Bing Bong is beautiful and sad, it's a very anticlimactic place to roll credits.

Of course, there are many more Pixar movies that could have been included here. Ending Up at the end of the film's silent opening sequence is the most obvious. Doing that almost feels like the right thing, as it would have still made for a complete animated short, the rest of the movie feels like a postscript to that story anyway. There are other interesting (and terrible) places you could leave off from other Pixar movies. What if The Incredibles ended after the plane explosion when Mr. Incredible thought his family was dead? Or, you could cut the very end off of Wall-E and end it when it looked like the rebooted Wall-E had forgotten Eve.

Luckily for us, we have saved significant money on therapy bills because Pixar doesn't do this to us. While they send us into the depths, they always pull us out again and give us a happy ending. The closest we've come to a move that actually does end on a sad note would have to be Toy Story 3, when Andy gives away his toys. It's certainly a sad scene, but it also has the joy of knowing that the toys will live on, so it isn't quite the same kind of sad moment that we're talking about here.

What's your "favorite" sad moment from the Pixar movies? Let us know which one breaks your heart every time.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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