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Is the Justice League really the Justice League if Green Lantern's not a member? DC fans will have to decide for themselves when Zack Snyder's Justice League movie reaches theaters in November 2017, because after visiting the London set of the upcoming DC blockbuster, I can tell you there were no signs of Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart or any member of the Lantern Corps., and no announced plans to make him part of the team at this stage.

Last week, we were able to visit the London set of Justice League and learn a great deal of information about Zack Snyder's plans for the DC Universe after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One Easter Egg I was paying close attention to spotting was a reference to Green Lantern, and how he might fit in to the story that's being told in next year's movie. And from everything I was able to gather, I'm fairly confident Lantern won't surface for another couple of years.

Green Lantern

The bulk of Justice League will revolve around Batman (Ben Affleck) fulfilling a promise he makes to Wonder Woman at the end of Dawn of Justice. He's recruiting metahumans for a super-powered team, and from what we can tell, his efforts will focus on The Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). While Justice League plans to show us scenes inAtlantis, and scenes with the Amazonians in different time periods, nothing indicated that we'd be heading into outer space.

At the same time, Warner Bros.' stated plans for Green Lantern Corps indicated that their movie wouldn't reach theaters until 2019, at the earliest, so hinting at Lantern in this first Justice League might be too soon. After Justice League opens in 2018, DC plans to do solo movies for The Flash (which reportedly will heavily feature Cyborg) and Aquaman (as directed by James Wan). Warner Bros. claimed a release date in October 2018, though the rumor is that it will be used for a Solo Batman Movie... if Ben Affleck can work up a script that he's satisfied with. There has even been talk of giving the Suicide Squad a sequel before we got to a Green Lantern movie, so there's plenty of material to tease before we get close to a Lantern film.

DC Trinity

Now, it needs to be noted that while Zack Snyder and his team broke new ground by opening up their Justice League set to journalists, there were story secrets that they still wanted to keep close to the vest... including the fate of Superman. So it's still very possible that they have a plan for Green Lantern inJustice League, but it was hidden from us. But based on the amount of ground that Justice League has to cover -- from the recruitment of the team to the protection of the Motherboxes from Steppenwolf to the return of Superman -- I think the resurrection of Hal Jordan on the silver screen will be held for a later date.