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See Inside Ben Affleck's Batmobile In This Cool New Video

There are few superheroes who are as universally loved as Bruce Wayne aka The Batman of Gotham City. Batman represents more of an everyman in a universe full of superpowered individuals. Rather than flying around and shooting lasers out of his eyes, Batman relies on his martial artistry and genius intellect to fight crime. And his toys, all of his wonderful toys. Perhaps the favorite of these Bat-gadgets would be his primary mode of conveyance: The Batmobile.

Every incarnation of the Bats has a new version of the Batmobile, and now we can finally take a closer look at the whip which will be transporting Battfleck around the DC Extended Universe. And the new footage was brought to us by none other than comic and late night great Jay Leno. Check it out.

Pretty cool, right? Sure, we've gotten to see the new Batmobile in action during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this video is first time that we've really gotten to slow down and check out all the nooks and crannies that are in Battfleck's ride. And Jay Leno even gets to jump in and sit in Batman's seat. Lucky him.

There are some bits that are confusing about the above video. For one, Jay Leno says that it's the new Batmobile. However, it looks like the exact same vehicle that Ben Affleck used to shoot at and attempt to run over Superman in Batman v Superman. It's got the same wheels, weapons, and overall design. Here's an image from Dawn of Justice for your reference.

They're pretty much identical models. This begs the question: was Jay Leno mistaken and he actually has an older version of The Batmobile, or does Batman in the DCEU have a few different versions of the same vehicle in the Batcave?

Since the DCEU Batman is a true veteran to the world of crime-fighting and vigilante behavior, I wouldn't be surprised if he had more than one identical Batmobile at his disposal. While we only saw one during the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bats had a ton of other vehicles and gadgets at the ready. Because we didn't see an origin story movie or watch Batman slowly accrue resources, we truly don't know how many rides Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne has at his disposal.

Alternatively, Jay Leno may have misspoke when he introduced the above Batmobile as the newest one. Sure, it was the most recent ride we saw on the big screen, but that doesn't mean that a new one hadn't been constructed since. If a new version of the Batmobile is used during Batman's scenes in Suicide Squad, it would quickly make this "new" Batmobile into the old one.

It is important to note that the Batmobile that the press got to see up close while on the set visits for Justice League appears to match Jay Leno's. So it seems that Batman may be staying consistent in his vehicular adventures in the DC Extended Universe.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on which Batmobile makes an appearance when Suicide Squad finally drives into theaters on August 5th.

Corey Chichizola
Corey Chichizola

Corey was born and raised in New Jersey. Double majored in theater and literature during undergrad. After working in administrative theater for a year in New York, he started as the Weekend Editor at CinemaBend. He's since been able to work himself up to reviews, phoners, and press junkets-- and is now able to appear on camera with some of his famous actors... just not as he would have predicted as a kid.