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The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond was criticized for its decision to use the Beastie Boys as the soundtrack. The final trailer also goes to the pop music well, though the tone is a little different. This time, the trailer also acts as the introduction of a brand new Rihanna song, which, at the very least, strikes a very different tone than the first trailer. Check it out

With just under a month before the theatrical release of Star Trek Beyond, Paramount has released the film's final trailer. While it doesn't give us much in the way new of new information, it certainly presents it in a new way, creating the most downbeat trailer to date, hoping to make fans get to the theater in order to see how the Enterprise crew gets out of this one. It also sets up the idea that the plot will be a story of self-exploration for Chris Pine's Captain Kirk, as he tries to find his own place in the universe, out from under his father's shadow.

Also, if in some way you've made it this far without knowing that the Enterprise will be destroyed in Star Trek Beyond, then the trailer doesn't want you to be surprised by this fact. The trailer makes sure that you know that the ship in pieces is the Enterprise and includes the details in Chris Pine's voice-over just to sure you're not confused.

Star Trek Beyond

Of course, the trailer is only partially advertising the movie, it's also promoting a song. The new tune, "Sledgehammer" by Rihanna, is a major focus here. It's hardly the first time that a movie trailer has been used to promote a song. Although, Star Trek Beyond does feel like a slightly odd choice in that regard. If the song is actually used in the movie we'd guess it will likely appear in the credits, although that space is traditionally reserved for things like the traditional Star Trek theme. While the song could appear in the movie itself, as other modern music has, it doesn't really feel like the sort of song that Captain Kirk has stored in the Enterprise memory.

What do you think of the last trailer for Star Trek Beyond ? Were you already planning on checking this one out? Does this last trailer set your decision one way or the other? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments below.

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