Wreck-It Ralph 2 Confirmed By Disney, Here's What We Know

Wreck-It Ralph 2

Yesterday, Disney Animation Studios announced an announcement. We knew something big was on the way, and now we know exactly how big. Today Disney Animation Studios announced the long-rumored sequel to Wreck-it Ralph. The sequel is really coming, and it's less than two years away.

In a live video broadcast on Facebook, Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia director Rich Moore introduced his co-director on a brand new project, Phil Johnson. While the two began to discuss the new project, John C. Reilly arrived on the scene in a pair of giant foam hands, looking for almond milk. Upon realizing that they were all live on the internet we got to the actual announcement. Reilly joked that he had already announced Wreck-It Ralph 2 previously, but they gave him the honor of making the official announcement, which included the release date of March 9, 2018. Reilly then got ready to divulge some details about what the film would be about, before the video feed mysteriously cut out.

While we know very little about what the plot of Wreck-It Ralph 2 will be about, a new image on Disney's Facebook page may give us some indications.

Wreck-It Ralph 2

First and foremost, in addition to John C. Reilly's Ralph, we see Sarah Silverman's Vanellope Von Schweetz, so we know that she'll be making a return in the sequel as well. In addition, the background of the image gives us multiple parodies of various websites, like Amazing, but complete with Amazon.com arrow, as well as LubHub. Co-Director Phil Johnson confirmed in a press release that the new film will be set in the world of the internet, due to its essentially limitless possibilities.

The world of the internet is the perfect place to send Ralph and Vanellope. The scope and scale are so vast and the possibilities for comedy are endless.

But beyond that, we get to start speculating. The first Wreck-It Ralph already presented the idea of a network of video games. In that film, all of the characters could travel between arcade machines via their power cables and associated surge protector. Somehow it appears our characters will be going online. Will Wreck-It Ralph get ported to smartphones, or will he be a new character in the latest MOBA? Actually, can we get a Disney MOBA with Ralph as a champion? That needs to happen.

We're super excited over here to see a sequel to one of our favorite Disney movies in recent memory. Now, we just need to confirm that Jack McBrayer and the rest of the crew will also be back. Are you looking forward to Wreck-It Ralph 2?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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