Wreck-It Ralph 2 Is Being Written

Rich Moore’s animated adventure comedy Wreck-It Ralph introduced audiences to a new brand of anti-hero – an ostracized villain in a popular arcade game who felt misunderstood and pigeonholed by his role in a larger story. He wanted to change his stripes. But there were so many places that a Wreck-It Ralph sequel could go, and now it sounds like the creative team behind the initial story will get a chance to expand on Ralph’s world.

Composer Henry Jackman worked with Moore on the original Wreck-It Ralph. He was speaking with Collider, and was asked if he’d heard anything about a possible sequel. Well, he had, and had this to say:

I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards. I don’t know any more other than a story is indeed being written. I’d be very surprised not to. I’m not blowing my own trumpet. Forget about the music. Just the movie itself I thought was a fantastically imaginative and creative piece of work. Rich [Moore], the director, actually got involved in the writing. There was another writer and I can’t remember his name (Editor’s note: it’s Phil Johnston). Just as a concept, it would be almost remiss of them not to write another one. It’s a great idea and it’s a great character.

A great character, indeed. And one who isn’t hemmed in by the confines of a pre-existing fairy tale, meaning the sky is the limit when it comes to where the Wreck-It Ralph mythology can go to. Moore has shared ideas for a sequel in the past. Part of the reason why we loved Ralph so much is because it dabbled in wildly creative and colorful worlds that existed in arcade games, and gave Moore’s fantastic characters vivid playgrounds. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Do you remember Jackman’s score? It’s wonderful. Give these samples a listen:

It makes sense that Jackman would be in on the creative process of a new Wreck-It Ralph movie, especially if Moore wants him back in the fold. But we’d love to hear from someone on the writing staff, or from Moore himself, before this feels more concrete. Still, a Ralph sequel makes total sense. The first film earned an Oscar nomination. And it banked $471 million worldwide. That’s sequel money, son. Stay tuned to find out when we might actually see it.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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