Over the last two decades, we have seen superhero movies come in all shapes and sizes. From Marvel to DC, it seems like every summer season has seen at least one major blockbusters adapted from the pages of an iconic superhero or villain. As much as we would love to say that we adore all of these movies, it's a simple fact of life that plenty of them have fallen well below our expectations.

However, just because a movie disappoints us doesn't mean that it's all bad. Some truly unsatisfying comic book movies have featured legitimate strokes of genius -- from awesome characterizations to amazing action sequences. With that in mind, we have come up with a list of the best things about 11 of the more disappointing superhero films of our time. The directors of these films may not have gotten everything right, but they had a few great ideas along the way. Now let's get started with No.1...

Superman Returns - The Shuttle Rescue

It's been a decade since Superman Returns hit theaters, and it's time that people start giving it the respect that it truly deserves. While it's true that the film features a notable dearth of action, what major sequences it does feature are impeccable. One of the most notable comes when Superman saves an experimental shuttle -- obviously carrying Lois Lane -- that has begun to plummet towards the earth. The sequence is exhilarating, and epitomizes the wholesome nature of Brandon Routh's Man of Steel as he harmlessly lands the shuttle in a baseball stadium and reassures its occupants that flight "is still the safest way to travel."

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