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Star Wars Celebration has come and gone and while we saw some pretty cool stuff and had a chance to revel in our love of Star Wars, once the dust cleared, we realized something. There was a lot of news that we were expecting that we never heard. Often these sorts of shows will at least answer a few of our questions, but this one just left us wanting.

While we're happy to have every little detail about Shoretroopers, and to get a decent amount of new footage from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, that's not all we were looking for. There are a few reveals we're still eagerly anticipating. Here are a few of them...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Episode VIII Title

We really thought we were going to get this one. During the Sunday panel with Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson, we figured the end of principal photography, where the film basically is, was the perfect time to reveal this information. When Johnson started to discuss the film's working title, Space Bear, it seemed to be the segue into giving us the actual title. But it was not to be. We're still waiting on this subtitle, and may be for quite some time. We just hope it turns out better than the rumors.

Han Solo

Literally Anything New About The Han Solo Movie

After Star Wars Celebration avoided giving us a title for Star Wars: Episode VIII, they then moved on to not tell us about the Han Solo movie. The one thing they decided to give us was the reveal of the worst kept secret in Hollywood, the fact that Alden Ehrenreich will be playing the lead. You'd think that since everybody who's been paying attention, like people who attend Star Wars Celebration for example, already knew that, they might drop something else: some concept art, the name of another character, or anything, anything at all. Not so much.



While every member of the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story got to take the stage at Star Wars Celebration, one of them looked nothing like he will on the movie screen. Alan Tudyk will be playing the droid K-2SO in the film, and he's been one of the most mysterious characters in the movie. While we did get some additional information about the character, including a much better look at him, we didn't get a chance to hear him. Since K-2SO has been described as being the polar opposite of C-3PO, his attitude seems to be the most interesting thing about him, we really want to hear more about that.

Boba Fett

Confirmation On The Third Spinoff Movie

After the Han Solo movie and Star Wars: Episode IX, there will be another Star Wars movie and we have no idea what that will be. The rumor since pretty much day one has been that the film will be a spinoff film for Boba Fett, but that has never been confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney. While there's still plenty of time before the movie will even begin pre-production, we'd still expect to hear something definitive at least about what the movie will be about. Especially if it's what we all expect it to be, they might as well confirm it at this point. It has a release date, they must have a plan.

Star Wars

An Idea Of Where We Go From Here

We know that Disney plans to make at least one Star Wars movie every year until the heat death of the universe. However, once the new trilogy is complete, what exactly is the plan? Will there be another trilogy or just a series of standalone movies for the next several years? While we wouldn't expect any specifics, we know it's too early for that, it's never too early to plan, and some general sense from Lucasfilm of where things will be going would be useful. Will we be focusing on existing characters, or creating more new ones? Will we be moving forward in time, or backwards? Just an idea? A little one?

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