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With Suicide Squad a little over two weeks away from release, DC and Warner Bros has been drawing attention to some of the movie's more notable faces in their marketing. On Monday, Amanda Waller got her time to shine, then Deadshot received the spotlight yesterday. Today's star is Harley Quinn, one of DC's most popular characters over the last two decades. The latest Suicide Squad promo shows Margot Robbie's iteration of the villainous villainess jester kicking some ass while also making some time for pleasure in the midst of the insanity.

We've seen Harley in battle during the previous Suicide Squad previews, but this particular promo gives us a look at her anything-but-calm elevator ride. While waiting to arrive at her floor, she is attacked by demonic-looking creatures sent by The Adversary. Fortunately, with her baseball bat and gymnastics skills, Harley has no problem taking these monstrosities down. Her other Squad teammates were ready to charge in there to help her out, but she just casually steps out, none the worse for wear. In the midst of that action, she got a text from her "puddin," The Joker, showing that those two will still be on good terms, and as we learned recently, she'll soon reunite with the Clown Prince of Crime.

Following her elevator snafu, the Harley Quinn-centric Suicide Squad promo teases more of her escapades in the movie, including putting her customized pistols to work, riding around in Joker's car, shocking prison treatment (pun intended) and causally flirting with Deadshot in the field. Like the rest of the Squad members, Harley has been approached by Amanda Waller to go on a dangerous mission for the U.S. government. If they succeed, their prison sentences will be reduced. If they fail, they'll die. However, I wonder if Harley Quinn would have just taken the opportunity if it gave her a chance to "play outside." After all, she does love getting into mischief.

Harley Quinn was introduced back in 1992 in Batman: The Animated Series, and since then, she's been a fan favorite. After numerous appearances in cartoons, comic books, video games and even the short-lived Birds of Prey show, Suicide Squad is finally bringing her to the big screen. Aside from her Squad antics, the movie will also show her past as an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist and how she was corrupted by Jared Leto's Joker. While Suicide Squad is expected to drop quite a few bodies, moviegoers don't have to worry about Harley being one of the casualties, not only because of her popularity, but because there is also reportedly a spinoff movie in development that will have her as one of the leads.

You can see Harley Quinn in action when Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.